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24V105Ah Floor Scrubber Machine Lithium Battery

Battery Energy:2688 Wh
Rated Voltage:25.6 V
Rated Capacity:105 Ah
Max Charge Voltage:29.2 V
Cut-off Voltage:20 V
Charge Current:100 A
Continuous Discharge Current:100 A
Peak Discharge Current:200 A
Dimension:340*307*227 mm
Weight:23 kg
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Product Introduction

Product Introduction

Benefits Of 24V 105Ah Floor Scrubber Machine Battery

♦ Support Series And Parallel

With a capacity of 2560Wh, a 24V100Ah LiFePO4 battery supports a maximum 4P2S connection and a maximum energy expansion of 20.48kwH, making it easy to build battery systems for greater energy and efficiency.


♦ Fast Charging

Fast charging, efficient discharge, with special independent charger, optional, accept 1C charging current, 1-2 hours can be fully charged.Compared with overnight charging a lead-acid battery, charging speed is very fast.


♦ Customized BMS, Pass Higher Current

Built-in advanced 100A BMS (battery management system), with self-heating and low-temperature charging protection functions can prevent the common LiFePO4 battery overcharge, over-discharge, short circuit, high temperature, and other faults.



♦ Top Brand Cell With High Quality

The use of automotive LiFePO4 battery manufacturing, cell from EVE, CATL, and other TOP brands A product cell, to provide better quality, reliability, and safety.


♦ Long Cycle Life And Cost-Effective.

With unique lithium iron phosphate design, maintenance-free, no memory effect, saves the trouble of using electric energy, greatly improves the performance and capacity, to provide you with lasting durability. 4000 + charging and discharging cycles, cycle life is ten times than the traditional lead-acid battery.


♦ Waterproof And Dust-Proof

ABS waterproof and flame retardant material shell, IP65 waterproof grade, waterproof, fire and dust-proof, indoor and outdoor installation without worry.


♦ Bluetooth Function

Intelligent management, visual design mode, can customize the Bluetooth module. By the Bluetooth function to connect the smartphone or tablet, you can monitor the use of battery status in real-time.


♦ High Capability

With high power capability and high energy density, can provide twice the power of a lead-acid battery. And LiFePO4 can maintain high energy capacity at a high discharge rate to maximize the performance of the product.




Performance Characteristics

24V battery Performance Characteristics



Your Best Factory For 24V 105Ah Floor Scrubber Machine Battery

♦ Global Business

With an average of over 10 years of experience in lithium battery projects and customers in various countries, we only need to know what you think to design a unique LiFePO4 battery solution, not just sell lithium batteries.


♦ R&D Capability And Brand Cell

We have a strong research team from the industry's TOP CATL, EVE, BYD, OptimumNano. And the use of TOP cell and BMS, from the source to eliminate product quality and safety risks.


♦ AI System

Bluetooth function and LCD screen can be added to make the product AI, so that you can monitor the use status of the battery in real-time, more intelligent and safer.


♦ Strict Quality Inspection

We have a strict quality management system, and all batteries have undergone multiple inspections and testing before leaving the factory


♦ Perfect Service

We have a professional technical and customer service team, 24 hours to provide you with the most professional service.


 Reliable Warranty

No gimmicks, three-year warranty, which can be extended to 5 years, and long-term technical guidance.



Production Process Of LiFePO4 Battery

Lithium battery production process

With a perfect safety production management system, to achieve close monitoring of product quality, effectively improve our work efficiency, reliable quality management system can protect your interests.The officially certified 24V 105Ah lithium ion battery makes you more trustworthy.




floor scrubber machine battery 24V105Ah

To reduce labor costs while maximizing work efficiency, LiFePO4 battery power is an effective choice for sweepers and any type of industrial floor cleaning.

24V105Ah LiFePO4 batteries provide greater capacity, longer power, and significantly better efficiency, making them a great choice for long-running sweepers.

Light weight, convenient installation, unlimited movement, maintenance-free, long life, durable and reliable, can provide faster speed, is the ideal choice for demanding sweeper.

Using ABS waterproof and flame retardant material shell can work in wet or dusty conditions, and the working environment of the sweeper is very matching, which is the reliable power supply of the sweeper.



(1). What Is The Recommended Inverter For 24V 100Ah Batteries In Parallel?

The maximum injection power of 2 24V100Ah batteries in parallel is 51.2kW, so I recommend you use a 6kW inverter.



(2). I Bought A 24V 105Ah Battery. What Kind Of Battery Charger ISuitable?

I recommend using a LifePO4 charger that matches the LifePO4 battery. The DC charging voltage of the charger should be between 28.4V and 29.2V, and the charging current should be less than 100A.



(3). How Long Will This 24V105Ah Battery Last?

24V105Ah LiFePO4 battery charged with 24V (29.2V)20A dedicated LiFePO4 battery charger can be fully charged in 5 hours and can be fully charged by over 900W solar panels in one day.



(4).What’s The Working Temperature Range For The Battery?

Hi, The charging temperature range for a 24V105Ah battery is 32℉ to 122℉. The discharge temperature: -4℉ to 140℉. The Storage temperature: is 14℉ to 122℉.



(5).Does IHas Prismatic Cells?

Yes, the 24V 105Ah batteries are made from automotive-grade prismatic cells, which are high-density and stable.
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