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48V105Ah Golf Cart lithium battery

Battery Energy:5376 Wh
Rated Voltage:51.2 V
Rated Capacity:105 Ah
Max Charge Voltage:58.4 V
Cut-off Voltage:40 V
Constant Charge Current:100 A
Working Temperature:-20-65 ℃
Peak Discharge Current:200 A
Dimension:472*334*243 mm
Weight:43.6 kg
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Product Introduction

Product Introduction

Benefits Of 48V105Ah Lithium Battery

1.Smart BMS

With over current/short circuit/over-discharge/ overcharge/over voltage/overheat protection functions.


2.Lightweight Structural Design

LiFePO4 is small and light, saves space, reduces carrying the load, and operates easily.


3. Perfect Lead Acid Replacement

High efficiency;fast charging; low self-discharge;100% capacity using; high energy conversion efficiency; more efficient operating performance.


4.Safer And Environmentally Friendly

No acid, no heavy metals, no explosion;corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant, explosion-proof, and waterproof.


5Long Cycle Life

Deep cycles ≥6000+, and the 10-years of service life.




Performance Characteristics

48V battery Performance Characteristics


Your Best Supplier For 48V 105Ah Lithium Battery

1. Strong Scientific Research Capabilities

iBornEnergy is a highly professional LiFePO4 battery manufacturer. The engineers are from BYD, CATL, and EVE to ensure that the LiFePO4 battery exceeds the industry standard.


2. Extensive Business

iBornEnergy LiFePO4 battery business has been carried out in more than 40 regions. Safer and smarter LiFePO4 batteries became the first choice of customers.


3. Strong Competitiveness

As one of the global lithium battery leaders, the iBornEnergy R&D team focuses on developing, designing, and manufacturing high-tech lithium batteries. A new combination of high power, excellent safety, and long life maximizes product competitiveness.


4. Professional Customization

Support OEM/ODM/MOQ and provide free technical support. LiFePO4 batteries of various specifications are customized according to user needs.


5. Authoritative Certification



6. Perfect Service

Convenient one-stop service, 24-hour online manual service, multiple transportation methods, and a 5-year warranty.


Production Process Of LiFePO4 Battery

Lithium battery production process

With a perfect safety production management system, to achieve close monitoring of product quality, effectively improve our work efficiency, reliable quality management system can protect your interests.The officially certified 48V 105Ah lithium ion battery makes you more trustworthy.




48v 100ah lifepo4 battery pack

The 48V105Ah LiFePO4 battery pack is designed lightweight to move and install easily. Ideal battery for golf carts.

No heavy metals, no gas emission, no explosion; and harmless to human health, golf carts, and golf courses.

LiFePO4 battery pack, the king of high capacity, provides longer running time for golf carts.

The shell is sturdy, waterproof, and dustproof, with good shock resistance, and no pressure for outdoor use.

Built-in intelligent BMS to provide stable power supply for golf carts.

The LiFePO4 battery pack has a cycle life of more than 10 years. Maintenance-free, and fast charging, which further reduces the final cost of the golf cart.




1. How Many Lithium Batteries Does A 48V Golf Cart Need?

A typically 48V golf cart might use eight 6V batteries, six 8V batteries, or four 12-volt batteries. Fewer but higher-voltage lithium batteries can lower your upfront costs.


2. What Is The Optimum Voltage For A Golf Cart?

A 72V golf cart has unmatched power, range, and efficiency, but costs more for parts and maintenance. 48V power is plenty and the price is low.


3. Do Golf Cart Lithium Batteries Need Water Maintenance?

Traditional golf cart lead-acid batteries require quite a bit of maintenance. However, in the case of golf carts using lithium batteries, you do not need regular and cumbersome maintenance, and lithium batteries are almost zero maintenance.


4. Is A 48V Golf Cart Faster Than A 36V One?

A 48V system provides higher power and starts/accelerates faster than a 36V system. The 48V system draws less amperage and more range, all things being equal.


5. How To Restore The Golf Cart Battery?

In most cases, the battery golf cart charger is plugged in again after charging the battery to its nominal voltage.


6. Is The 12V Lithium Battery Suitable For Golf Carts?

Sure. Because lithium batteries are expandable. Connect three or four of these in series to provide the required 36V or 48V for the golf cart motor.
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