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Rack-mounted 48V100Ah lifepo4 battery

Battery Energy:5120 Wh
Rated voltage:51.2 V
Rated capacity:100 Ah
Max charge voltage:58.4 V
Cut-off voltage:40 V
Charge current:100A A
Continuous discharge current:100A A
Peak discharge current:100A 
Dimension:482.6*540*132.5 mm
Weight:50 kg
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Product Introduction

Product Introduction

Key Features Of Lithium 48V 100Ah Battery

♦ With Standard Chassis Design

With standard chassis design, assembly is convenient and quickly.

In addition, it has the advantages of convenient installation, maintenance-free, convenient replacement and so on. With the battery’s combination, it can realize the different capacity and power.


♦ Ultra Long Service Life

Using LiFePO4 EVE battery cells, designed to provide superior performance, can replace AGM-sealed lead-acid batteries. The service life is 8 to 10 times longer than standard lead-acid batteries. The battery has a cycle life of more than 6,000 times at 25°C, with a service life of ten years, and the usable capacity is almost 100%.



♦ Smaller Internal Resistance

It has excellent high-power performance, lighter weight and more compact structure than lead-acid battery.


♦ Perform Well In Extreme Weather

With excellent performance in the temperature range of-20 ℃-60 ℃



♦ Build-In Pro BMS And Communication Functions

Smart BMS protection function and perfect control system, provide favorable conditions for the battery’s safe and efficient operation.


♦ Support Parallel And Multiple Inverters

Can be connected in 15 parallel get the large capacity applications. It supports the CAN2.0, RS485 and RS232 communication protocols, Meanwhile, it can match the various brands inverters.


48v 50Ah lithium ion battery details



Your Superior Manufacturer For Lithium 48V 100Ah Battery

♦ Professional Technology

iBornEnergy keeps innovating and adopting high-tech technology to develop more safer and smarter lithium battery.


♦ Strong Responsibility

iBornEnergy abides by the LiFePO4 business principles and advocates social responsibility. A-grade new batteries to ensure safety and quality. Actively assume corporate responsibility for the living environment, people's health, and safety.


♦ Professional R&D Team

They come from CATL, BYD, EVE, and Optimum Nano. Committed to creating a truly global LiFePO4 brand. Since our inception, we have been dedicated to bringing new energy storage solutions to the global market.


♦ Advanced Factory Equipment

Our factory has strong production strength, advanced inspection equipment. The engineers team builds your unique LiFePO4 technology for you.



iBornEnergy provides complete and flexible LiFePO4 solutions. We provide you with all the components required for your equipment.


♦ Authoritative Certification

The lithium battery has passed the certification of UL, CE, IEC, UN38.3, and MSDS test report.


♦ An Extended 5 Years Warranty And Perfect One-Stop Service.



Main Production Process Of LiFePO4 Battery

Production process

With a perfect safety production management system, to achieve close monitoring of product quality, effectively improve our work efficiency, reliable quality management system can protect your interests.The officially certified 48V 100Ah lithium ion battery makes you more trustworthy.



Widely Compatible Inverters

widely compatible Inverters



48v 50Ah lithium ion battery application

Lithium 48V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery is mainly used as a backup power supply. When the mains power fails, the 48V LiFePO4 supplies power to the communication equipment in time until the mains power supply is restored.

LiFePO4 has high voltage, more than 6000 cycles, and excellent performance. Compared to AGM batteries on the market, our batteries are more reliable, efficient, and durable. The communication field is facing the danger of power outages at any time, so a reliable power supply is very important.

LiFePO4 is easy to install, easy to operate, easy to store, maintenance-free, and suitable for a wide temperature range. When natural disasters come, the 48v 100Ah LiFePO4 backup power solution can guarantee the continuous power supply of the telecommunication system.

Built-in intelligent BMS, the product has charge and discharge current balance, alarm, and protection functions. The 48V LiFePO4 battery is powered by an upgraded smart BMS circuit that resists load and temperature fluctuations... Maximizes the service life.

LiFePO4 is lightweight and miniaturized. It is stress-free to install in the limited space of communication facilities.

100% available energy. And the battery supports multiple battery packs in parallel to meet the greater power supply of communication facilities.

LiFePO4 does not contain toxic metals and is friendly to the human body and the environment. Lithium battery is recyclable renewable energy, energy saving, and environmental protection, very friendly to your telecommunication equipment

LiFePO4 has high power, fast charging, and long use time, which perfectly meets the higher new requirements of the communication industry.





Customer Review

Customer Review

iBorn battery, safer and smarter, always so cool.

Always highly reviewed by customers all over the world.



(1). How To Replace The Telecom Battery?

We recommend finishing the replacement by a technician or installation specialist to avoid battery damage. Replacing telecom batteries yourself is risky if you are inexperienced. When you buy a more advanced lithium battery, you can call a professional to help you replace it. Because they have special technology, safety guidelines, and professional maintenance measures...


(2). Can Three 48V 100A Batteries Be Connected In Series To Form A 48V 300AH Battery Pack? Can This Battery Pack BCharged As A Unit?

Yes. These cells can be in series. Charge the battery separately, or as a unit.


(3). At What Temperature Does BMS Stop Charging Automatically?

When the cell temperature is lower than -5°C, or higher than 65°C, the battery does not work.


(4). When The Battery IOver-Discharged, How To Reactivate The Battery Once The BMS Starts?

Charging activates the battery.


(5). When The Battery Short-Circuits, How Does The BMS Protect The Battery From Being Affected?

If the battery faces a short circuit, the BMS will cut power to the battery.


(6). Why Is The Charger Super Hot? Is This Normal?

Unusual. This means your battery or charger is broken.

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